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Merry Xmas everyone! Today’s teaches us that doing it yourself (or letting a bot do it) is often the way to go… What Amazon can Save…[ read more ]

This week’s explores: What’s new with the world of mobile this Xmas? Re-joice – you can now re-juice your phone: Price-comparing products on your mobile Save…[ read more ]

December 7th, 2016


Xmas tech is all around us! This week’s explores: what are the latest seasonal trends in digital and retail? Drink up to help Fauna and Save…[ read more ]

Want to know the trick to skipping the busiest retail hours, ordering your pizza without lifting a finger and printing your own 3D trainers? This week’s will help…[ read more ]

Dreading the Christmas madness? Escape with virtual reality to a desert landscape, or perhaps a robot cabaret in Tokyo… VR carpool karaoke? Product launches will never be Save…[ read more ]

Xmas is in the air! What better gift than a bit of Augmented Reality tech? This week, we take a close look at at the latest AR and VR innovations. [columns_row…[ read more ]

  • Posted Nov 12, 2016
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
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by Manu Buttiglione (originally published on Droste Effect Mag) Friday 11 November, 18:00 – 21:00 The Showroom 63 Penfold Street London NW8 8PQ CYBERIA was founded in London in 1994 as a space for women to share skills and resources surrounding the use of the web. After more than twenty years, The Showroom hosts Cybernetic Resistance, an …[ read more ]

November 9th, 2016


This week’s explores: What’s the latest with Augmented Reality? Starved and in a rush? Apple’s got ya: Hungry but a fussy eater? You are in Save…[ read more ]

  • Posted Nov 6, 2016
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
  • Comments Off on The Grimsey Review – An Alternative Future for the High Street
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…[ read more ]

From Kate Spade to Gucci, this week’s explore which innovative brands and products are winning in the digital arena. Innovation starts with an emoji URL: Save…[ read more ]

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