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  • Posted Nov 28, 2019
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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Eva will be attending the IGen conference on the 28th November 2019 email for invitations Sponsored by: Nuveen Real Estate 8.45-9.15 REGISTRATION AND BREAKFAST 9.15-9.30 WELCOME AND OPENING REMARKS Mark Faithfull, Editor, Retail Property Analyst Myles White, Head of European Retail, Nuveen Real Estate SESSION 1: CONSUMERS 9.30-10.00 MODERN LIVES: Work, live, shop Microsoft’s new …[ read more ]

  • Posted Nov 19, 2019
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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The Era of Shopocene is fast coming to an end as high street shops are becoming a relic of the past. But high streets are not just places to shop, they’re valuble social, cultural and commercial spaces too. The Mayor must do more to protect them. In a sci-fi novel written in the1950s, the hero …[ read more ]

  • Posted Nov 3, 2019
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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October in New York is a warm and cosy affair, with our team hard at work setting up Xmas campaings for our UK clients in the Big Apple as well as hunting for retail gold and new store concepts.  Spooky Showfields New York retail has been battered with occupancy rates plummeting over the last 18 …[ read more ]

  • Posted Oct 13, 2019
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Passion for Fashion – how Digital is Conquering Trendy Tribes
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Originally posted at Digiblox.org The UK High Street is losing over 2500 retail stores per year (LDC, Aug 2019)) while 80% of fashion stores are predicted to close by 2025. Yet UK girls and boys look more fashionable than ever, with trendy stripy trousers or polka dot tops, hipster beards for the men and colourful hair …[ read more ]

  • Posted Oct 13, 2019
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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21st November 2019, Russel Square A roundtable discussion on the potential to transform London’s city centre into a thriving social city centre. Central London is home to iconic green and public spaces, national museums and cultural attractions, world-famous retail districts, top universities, the machinery of both national and city-wide government, and the monarchy. It is responsible for one-third of London’s jobs, …[ read more ]

  • Posted Oct 6, 2019
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on 50 Years of the Internet by Plexal
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The internet’s turning 50. Come celebrate with Here East and Plexal. About this Event From the event: Eva Pascoe’s talk starts at 1.11.50 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkklt6lhEWQ&feature=youtu.be At 10.30pm on 29 October 1969, a team led by Professor Leonard Kleinrock sent a message from a computer at the University of California (UCLA) to a computer at the Stanford …[ read more ]

As analogue retail gives way, new hybrid ways of shopping are emerging.  Bouncepad minimalism Retail demise is upon us, stores closing in their thousands in US and UK.  Retail is dead, long live retail as from the ashes of old fashion stores full of stock, a new minimalistic store emerges. The Department Store is a …[ read more ]

  • Posted Jul 29, 2019
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Shop like a Bostonian – [retail bytes]
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“Boston is a state of mind” as noted by an old Bostonian Thomas Gold Appleton.  The rebellious streak,  Irish flair and superior problem solving attitude is as distinct to Boston as freezing winters. Challenges are aplenty, as retail stores get pummeled everywhere, Boston is not immune to vacancy plague . 10% store vacancies is a …[ read more ]

Blocking London Bridge to stop car traffic in peak hour is an unlikely activity for a typical North London Mum. But those Mums  taking part in Extinction Rebellion protest, together with teen sons and daughters,  took to the street to say Enough Is Enough. We have asked a few of them what on Earth prompted …[ read more ]

Sipping in Samsung Carly Simon’s song ‘You are so vain’ was on my mind during our bimonthly retail insights trip to NY. Coffee really is our team’s water and so it is the case for many rushed city dwellers. New Yorkers, Londoners or Berliners tend to march thru their cities with a coffee cup in …[ read more ]

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