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  • Posted Aug 17, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on What goes up, must come down – post Covid office virtualises itself [retail.bytes]
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The father of skyscrapers, A.E. Lefcourt built the first 31 high towers in NY, leveraging newly available steel frames and Ottis elevators to became a billionaire developer. Alas, he kept building tall offices during the Great Recession, lost everything and died in 1932, with less than 2,500 $ in the bank. In Detroit, Mayor Jerome …[ read more ]

  • Posted Aug 10, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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Here in mind but not in body 6 months of Covid and only 30% of UK workers are back at their desks in the offices, unlike 50% of French and 49% of German office teams. Some places like Dusseldorf  managed to get 71% back at their desks (AlphaWise, Morgan Stanley survey July 2020).  This is …[ read more ]

  • Posted Jul 27, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Covid or Co-eat – tech tactics for hungry mouths
  • Retail Bytes

Q-R code from Presto Chefs are cooking delicious feast but restaurants are empty as punters are staying away. What will make us feel safer in restaurants? The answer may good old QR code.  QR is a short from Quick Response Code, a type of matrix barcode invented Masahiro Hara in 1994 for Japanese car makers …[ read more ]

  • Posted Jul 12, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on No wooming, lurking or slurping – [retail.bytes]
  • Retail Bytes, Writing

JioMeet zooms in 2.13mln downloads daily on Zoom and over 300mln users world-wide (March 2020) means we are now trapped in Zoomland for remote work for years to come. Or are we? New entrant JioMeet has launched a copy of Zoom but free and no limit on 40min only slots. Browser based, no need to …[ read more ]

  • Posted May 18, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Fine dining lockdown style – [retail.bytes]
  • Retail Bytes, Writing

Lockdowners are reported to be missing hairdresser visits the most, but restaurants came close second. The original meaning of the word means ‘to restore, to revive’ – from French of course- offering revival thru chat, laugh and good food in great surroundings. The concept is relatively modern, from about 1765 when a French chef started …[ read more ]

  • Posted May 16, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Home Alone – Zoombies and Zoomers unlock level 2
  • The Retail Practice, Writing

Bookshelf Games Lockdown continues along with the rise of new Zoom-etiquette, disrupting the established way people perceive others with screen glitches and sound latency problems. Zoom delays what people say by a fraction, as the computer needs time to ‘piece together’ what was said to protect loss of any speech. This is well intended but …[ read more ]

  • Posted May 5, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on All Alone in a Breakout Room – [retail.bytes]
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Gaffes on Zoom, multi-screen fest and Covid19 tech meets Glasto, it is all in the working week for your Home Alone troops. Party for One in Zoom? Lockdown continues and Zoom users are stepping out of the safe confines of small groups into the Great Unknown of Breakout Rooms, a transition not without it’s perils. …[ read more ]

  • Posted Apr 27, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Post-Lockdown Shopping Futures
  • Writing

Originally on Retail Week The question everyone is asking now, as the country is locked down, is when normality will resume and even to what extent it is possible to bring back ‘retail as usual’. I’m a lockdown veteran – martial law in Poland in 1981 and the fallout from Chernobyl – and my view …[ read more ]

  • Posted Apr 27, 2020
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Home Alone – Zoom-etiquette for lockdown times
  • Retail Bytes

Horror stories abound with a full on car crash when Dad is on high profile Zoom Videoconferencing and the kids waltz in,  perfectly oblivious to the situation and 3 mln viewers on the other side. The correct behaviour is not to panic but to bring them into the meeting and introduce them and their Teddy …[ read more ]

  • Posted Apr 19, 2020
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
  • Comments Off on Opinion: Ecommerce trailblazer Eva Pascoe on how tech is still transforming retail
  • Press

Originally published on Retail Week Twenty-five years ago, Cyberia opened as the first cafe with full internet access in the world, located at 39 Whitfield Street in London’s Fitzrovia.Created to give Londoners a glimpse of the newly accessible internet, Cyberia was a warm, non-geeky place, infused with the smell of coffee from the second Lavazza coffee machine in town (the first …[ read more ]

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