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  • Apr 21, 2021
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As the wasteland of pandemic is confronting us in retail, who are the heroes leading the way out of Covid economic paralysis? Earth Day is a chance to celebrate the brands that are innovating with planet-friendly designs and inspiring us to shop wisely. 

An Apple a day keeps climate change away

Zero Waste was the theme from Apple Event on 20th April – virtual event this year, streamed from Cupertino’s well manured sheep pasture outside Apple’s building,  a top quality meadow that Tim Cooke traversed during his presentation.  Good work from Apple – a new chip, super cool new products but the phocus was  on the environment. Not only new iMac Pro will be cased in 100% recycled aluminium, to minimise impact on environment but it’s packaging is made of renewable wood from managed tree plantations. In addition, there will be 100% recycled rare earth elements in the magnets and the products use significantly less water. Apple, just take my money. The rest of the industry, pull your (eco)  socks up.

Passion for (eco)fashion


Back on Planet Fashion, we have not been slacking in the eco department, not only keeping up with the Joneses at Apple, but leading where we can, as shown by my group of Women in Ecom and our kind-to-Earth clothing brands. Eco tech for retail is here, here a quick glimps what is hot.

The key is the use of new materials – that is where RoAndZo.com, a newly launched sustainable fashion brand is innovating. They are offering EcoVero beautiful tops, with fabrics made of  sustainable wood and pulp.  Sounds itchy? None of it – it is actually lovely and soft to touch and the material generates 50% lower emissions and water impact comparing with traditional fabrics. Rosie Bowden has launched the brand right in the middle of Covid, driven by her desire to ‘crack’ the sustainability nut and move the dial on delivering fun but protecting the Earth. Check them out on Instagram and fall in love with the feminine, soft cut designs, perfect for the post Lockdown Spring outings.

Don’t judge the book by the cover


You can now care for the Earth while feeling super sexy outside and underneath. Order that special underwear with eco-kind attitude from a hot lingerie brand Bluebella and your order’s carbon footprint will be fully offset by the brand.  Bluebella is now working in partnership with EcoCart,  a new carbon offset projects organisation, contributing to tree planting scheme from a percentage of sales from every single order. Way to go. Check out their Spring Collections and help to plant new trees.

Local love


If your man needs a new spring look for post Lockdown garden parties,  or in fact, get ready for summer-of-love and festivals, you need to check out KerbCulture.com.  Their Basquiat-esque hoodies and t-shirts are bright and vivid, something we all need to cheer up. They have thought long and hard about the environmental impact and came up with a great solution – the printing of your selected order is done locally, by a network of printers, reducing the journey from supplier to your house and minimising carbon footprint of the order. Designed by East London DJ, artist and photographer John Horsley, his tattoo-inspired edgy designs are a great gift for your man and your order is Earth-friendly.

Every little helps


If you have little ones at home, try PolarnoPyretuk.com – the original sustainable kids brand from Sweden, now with UK local warehouse to minimise the journey your order needs to make. This year hit is a waterproof coat that will grow with your kids- no need to replace every 6 months!  Flexisize coat has a hidden buttonhole elastic to extend the size of the arms or legs and match their growth spurts. Makes sense as even with E-bay, the process of selling and sending your kids’ clothes that they have outgrown is adding carbon footprint. Flexisize is the future. And is available now at polarnopyret.co.uk

Next week

Eco Retail Tech Part 2. What can we learn from charity own retail and how they look after our little green planet

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