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Tuesday, September 30th, 1997

Denying Internet access to women in the workplace only helps men to maintain their powerbase

Women area as interested in computers as men, and would play more games if there were more female-friendly plots, claims Brenda Laurel in a recently published study, conducted at UCLA and based on American females. The study attempts to break the generally held view that women deal with computers reluctantly and use them only as

Tuesday, September 16th, 1997

The browser war needs a Geneva Convention: do not harm civilians

Something fishy has been going on with electronic commerce Web site for the past few weeks. I have been bombarded with complaints from the people who are having trouble completing purchases on retail sites that were once...

Tuesday, September 2nd, 1997

A lot of hardware manufacturers seem to be forgetting why we use computers

Imagine that you live in Hawaii. You spend most of the days surfing and sunbathing, and in the evening you work for a London-based Internet consultancy on the biggest Web project in town. Outrageous? Well, perhaps, but...

Monday, September 1st, 1997

Laptops for The Borrowers

Originally published by The Independent Together with the whole country I heard the news of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, with shock and disbelief. When the BBC gave the URL of the official condolences page...