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Monday, August 24th, 1998

Women reap rewards but prospects look grim: Silicon Goddesses have one thing in common – someone inspired them at a very young age to learn to love maths

ONE OF the best parties of the summer season in Silicon Valley must be the annual knees-up of the Women in Technology Association, where beautiful Pamela Anderson lookalikes get together to celebrate their love for technology and their wise career choice. This year, some 5,000 women programmers and computer scientists gathered in San Jose, California,

Monday, August 10th, 1998

The sites you can’t see at university: The decision to block international Web sites shows a strangely muddled IT strategy in our universities

BEING A STUDENT is hard work, but at least you get free Internet access. Right? Wrong. As of last Monday, many UK universities implemented the mass blocking of the international Web sites, claiming that students’ quests for...