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  • Posted Nov 5, 2021
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
  • Comments Off on Future of Work and sustainability in fashion & cosmetics
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Ecom Power Hour 1st Dec 2021 How we choose to come back after Covid is still under debate.  For fashion sector it is an existential challenge as no office no fashion. How CEOs and founders are leading their teams through the change and how can we all “come back better”? What sustainable fashion and cosmetics …[ read more ]

September 23rd, 2021
50 shades of Hybrid

  • Posted Sep 23, 2021
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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by Wael Elazab Fashioning the work-week, a balancing act is next on the runway. Warming the corridors with the friction of their palms rubbing together, howls echo across oceans and the cackling reverberates through your living room. Readying seats for the embrace of your hind quarters, senior management await your return. But, … The environment! …[ read more ]

  • Posted Sep 2, 2021
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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Much dis-info has been spouted by travel industry on how to make itself climate-friendly, nearly all of it challenged by the eco experts.  Promotions of eco lodges in Ecuador that are powered by hydropower but you can only reach by contributing 2 tonnes of carbon emissions during your long haul flight is a typical marketing …[ read more ]

  • Posted Jul 28, 2021
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
  • Comments Off on Ecom Power Hour – On Future Of Work in Fashion and Retail
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by TLA Future of Work Group Join us on 15th of September 1pm, for Ecom Power Hour Episode 3 London Tech Week – Future of Work and Retail How CEOs of the fast growing UK ecom companies are planning for Post Covid work,how are they transiting to sustainable fashion and what are the tips on hiring/onboarding …[ read more ]

  • Posted Jun 14, 2021
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
  • Comments Off on From Start Ups to Scale Ups – tales from the Digital High Street – Next Event
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by TLA Future of Work Group “Pain and Pleasure – what to expect when your brand takes off during the pandemic” About this event Growth is sweet but requires sweat.  Join us Wednesday 16th June 4.30pm on Zoom to find out how one of the new legends of Homeware cracked the secret of pandemic-time success, …[ read more ]

  • Posted May 16, 2021
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
  • Comments Off on A Nudge and a Push: Towards Ethical Sustainability in an Era of (Invisible) Data Harvesting
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A series of future-looking public talks emerging from creators of participatory, immersive and interactive experiences. These debates will examine topical issues for the VR, AR, XR, immersion, arts and gaming sectors in terms of sustainable and ethical processes, exploring approaches to the production and usage of such outputs, and within the content of the work …[ read more ]

May 3rd, 2021
Future of Work

  • Posted May 3, 2021
  • Written by Karolina Janicka
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Victoria Beckham spilled the beans recently that David has been taking Zoom calls wearing smart shirt on top but underpants on the bottom. Haven’t we all? But as Lockdown is coming to an end, a Big Buying Boom is on the horizon as folks need to upgrade their wardrobe for post-Zoom life. Out goes the …[ read more ]

  • Posted Apr 21, 2021
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on What on Earth? Green is the new black as fashion goes eco – [retail.bytes]
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As the wasteland of pandemic is confronting us in retail, who are the heroes leading the way out of Covid economic paralysis? Earth Day is a chance to celebrate the brands that are innovating with planet-friendly designs and inspiring us to shop wisely.  An Apple a day keeps climate change away Zero Waste was the …[ read more ]

April 11th, 2021
The boyz are back in town!

  • Posted Apr 11, 2021
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
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Speculating about customers returning to High Street? Don’t – too many variables to predict footfall, not least as increasing number of companies are coming out against office work and for Work From Home. Future is not ‘forecasted’ or predicted, it is built – so let’s get building. Here our top companies that are joining The …[ read more ]

  • Posted Mar 14, 2021
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on The Shop is dead, long live The Shop – [retail.bytes]
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Panic over if we will ever shop again in physical stores is running high. Women shopped exclusively online now for just over a year, getting used to the screen fashion and may wave adieu to physical stores. Retailers and commercial estate investors are panicking and over 360,000 jobs in retail have been lost just in …[ read more ]

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