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Sunday, March 30th, 1997

I’d like to teach the world to dance

How can music played in London have them grooving in Peru? asks Cayte Williams logs on to Gaia Live, the cyber-club that has opened a dancefloor on the Internet You’d think only the worst techno-geek would turn their back on a heaving dancefloor to tap into a computer, but now the most hardened clubber is

Tuesday, March 18th, 1997

Changing the delivery platform from PC to TV will take more than just broad casting the Web into your sitting-room

Imagine surfing the Web while lying on your sofa, sipping Martini in front of the TV set. Hallelujah, I thought to myself, when on a recent visit to America I stumbled across Web TV. Otherwise known as...

Tuesday, March 4th, 1997

Women who go to the trouble to get connected, learn the skills and get the necessary gear don’t do just to talk lipstick

OK, I confess– I too was a technophobe. Many years ago, I was asked what kind of computer I owned. The answer was, ‘Hmm, a small, beige, rounded one, I think.’I meant, of course, a Commodore 64,...