Eva Pascoe | Digital Retailer

May 3rd, 2021
Future of Work


Victoria Beckham spilled the beans recently that David has been taking Zoom calls wearing smart shirt on top but underpants on the bottom. Haven’t we all?

But as Lockdown is coming to an end, a Big Buying Boom is on the horizon as folks need to upgrade their wardrobe for post-Zoom life. Out goes the old hoodie and that wornout pair of joggers, suitable only for Zoom session. In come florals, frilly maxi dresses and crispy white, new trainers.

Which brand will win the fight for those returning shoppers? How to fend off Amazon and outsmart greedy Facebook? How to hire smart teams that will help you to scale your business up without coming off rails with hit on margin?

Join me on “Ecom Power Hour” with new kid on the block Ro&Zo co-founder Rosie Bowden, who has not only launched an online fashion brand in the middle of pandemic but smashed the forecast and got the brand to John Lewis and Next. Not only the brand is stunningly successful but is also sustainable, innovating on both fabrics and packaging.

We will chat about Facebook’s weak spot, how to play Google Paid bingo, avoid SEO traps and win in digi marketing with Katy Ray, with digital wizz from Reload,  that helped RO&ZO to success against all odds.

Wednesday 12th May 4.30pm – Register to get Zoom link

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