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This week, we take a look at how digital experience is merging with brick and mortar; we also dive into AI chocolate, Google Assistant and burglar-proof tech solutions that will…[ read more ]

Did you think your smartphone was only good for Instagram and a cheeky session of mobile shopping? Think again – this week’s explores the latest technology to hit…[ read more ]

As my old boss at Topshop used to say: web is for ordering, stores are for falling in love (with your brand). Things have moved on since we launched Topshop…[ read more ]

May 4th, 2017
Rock on retail


This week’s dives back into good old bricks and mortar stores, hi-tech wearables and must-have gadgets for all you retail aficionados and selfie lovers out there.…[ read more ]

This week, we talk high-tech clothing; from biodegradable silky trainers to intelligent gym shorts, the future of smart fashion is NOW!…[ read more ]

April 20th, 2017
Fancy a road trip?


This week, our team reviews the latest advances in technology on four wheels – and how it’s going to change your weekly shop. You thought driverless cars had been taken…[ read more ]

This week, our crew is in New York – catching up with Retail 2.0 and the latest pop-up innovations. Read on to discover what’s new in the magic world of…[ read more ]

Brace yourselves – fashion in 2D might soon be a thing of the past, says this week’s 3D kicks for cool kids: With a 20% Save…[ read more ]

Say hello to the latest food shopping magic! This week we explore the newest trends that promise to turn you from a kitchen mess, into a 5* chef…[ read more ]

Ordering a Big Mac, turning your kettle on for a cuppa and even going to the loo won’t be the same anymore… You guessed it, it’s because of technology! Find…[ read more ]

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