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Forget about rude waiters, sticky-floored shopping centres and boring furniture warehouses, innovative digital retail has hit every corner of the market – and we love it of course!  …[ read more ]

Who needs humans anyway? The future of retail has arrived and it’s white. In fact, it is a white shopping assistant-robot. If you’re Save…[ read more ]

There’s a bit of a geek in all of us – and what better occasion than father’s day to let your inner techie out by sourcing the perfect present for…[ read more ]

Most of us at The Retail Practice learned about life from AC/DC’s Back in Black LP. We are finally applying this knowledge to support the fundraising efforts of up-and-coming UK…[ read more ]

Fashion designers automated out by Watson IBM: The MayDay Met Ball in NYC is the highlight of the fashion season. Marchesa designed a…[ read more ]

Retailers are not what they used to be: while historical stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges get fancy makeovers, new tech allows shoppers to find their potential purchases already waiting…[ read more ]

From pixelated sandals to 3D glasses, there’s no escape: the Coachella fever has hit FashTech. This week’s rounds up the festival’s hottest trends for all of us who…[ read more ]

Remember going bonkers over parking to end up munching your breakfast in the front seat, and then spending 8 hours in a scruffy office and sprinting home to heat up…[ read more ]

Whether it’s about finding a perfectly sized purse during a late night e-shopping session, bagging £100k for your RetailTech start-up or getting your 5-a-day delivered to your door, this week’s…[ read more ]

In this week’s edition of , Eva Pascoe is checking up on social media powerhouses trying to rip brands off (*cough*Instagram*cough*), how you can strategically re-arrange your store layout,…[ read more ]

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