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Monday, July 13th, 1998

Digital Sky is far from the limit in the Internet age: Websites have established themselves solidly as the best medium for niche programming

LIKE A comet preceding the end of the world, the belated roll- out of the digital BSkyB was preceded by many frightening sightings of Elisabeth Murdoch, the newly promoted head of programming. Elisabeth, aka Baby Murdoch, is known as the acceptable face of Daddy Rupert’s empire, and is being deployed to confuse and disarm the

Monday, June 29th, 1998

Stop treating us like web dummies: This sudden vote of no confidence in our online IQ is strange

THERE IS a worrying trend emerging in Internet development. An increasing number of new Internet products are being rejected at the funding stage before the online customer even gets a chance to play with them. “The Internet...

Tuesday, June 2nd, 1998

Unlike Internet technology, which has developed a solid electronic commerce infrastructure, interactive TV is still in its ‘blue sky’ phase

Last week, a surprising announcement from Tokyo got all the television folk in Britain hot and bothered. No, it wasn’t that long-awaited apology to British POWs. It was an official decision to delay the launch of digital...

Tuesday, May 12th, 1998

Don’t feel like going in to the office today? Then get yourself a high-speed Internet connection and join the telecommuter

More than 3 million Europeans are now officially classified as “telecommuters”. This is a small number compared with America’s 11 million telecommuters. However, according to the UK’s top Internet service providers, since September the rise in the...

Tuesday, April 14th, 1998

Nobody said it would be easy to be a techno-parent, but we shouldn’t make it as difficult as it is today

A bunch of new PC game releases tempted me to the high street recently, with the goal of stocking up on digital entertainment for my nephews and nieces, who were coming to visit. Last year, they spent...

Tuesday, February 17th, 1998

After years of watching Microsoft eating away smaller UK competitors, the City simply gave up trying to keep the local IT industry going

Last week was a joyful time for all of us in the technology industry in the UK. Despite the Prime Minister’s love affair with Rupert Murdoch, it looks as if, thanks to the House of Lords, we...

Tuesday, December 9th, 1997

It’s shocking that BBC should take its anachronistic, obsolete presence to this new medium, which was building its own content without the help of taxpayers’ money.

The end of 1997 is fast approaching, and, after spending most of it caught in the Microsoft and Netscape crossfire in the electronic commerce trenches, I was quietly hoping for some peace next year. However, every a...

Tuesday, November 25th, 1997

When in doubt, a good analyst will focus on a small number of areas, concentrating on selected islands of clarity, while avoiding big picture predictions that are certain to be wrong in six months’ time

Snowstorms and Gigabit routing switches were the hot topics of the recent Forrester Forum in Boston. Rising to their established reputation as the ultimate prophets of digital commerce, the Forresterians put together a line-up of top rank...

Tuesday, October 28th, 1997

Given half a chance –and decent Internet connection-many of us would not hesitate to flee from suburbia

By the year 2097, we will have moved to the countryside, leaving cities behind us. Those were the Orwellian predictions that Jonathan Dimbleby made during the last week’s country Life Centenary debate. He fears that millions of...

Tuesday, October 14th, 1997

Modernity means constantly re-evaluating, seeking new gurus and destroying old ones, reinventing the game to fit the new paradigms

The battle for innocent soles of British school children has started, with the opening salvo coming from that well- known specialist in computer-assisted learning, the Princess Royal. Addressing last week’s headmasters’ conference, Princess Ann warned against reliance...

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