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  • Posted May 27, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Computers in schools simply mean more and better engineers, scientists and programmers in future
  • Independent

It’s official: the youth of today has finally disowned the book. A recent poll conducted by CNN and the National Science foundation found that 77per cent of American teenagers prefer to use Internet for school projects instead of books or magazines. Reading it out, surfing is in. Since high computer usage correlates with the achievement …[ read more ]

  • Posted May 13, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on The most frightful traps, monsters and sneaks are waiting for the innocent cybercustomer
  • Independent

Virtual shopping is not what it seems. It’s not a convenience, a cost-saving or modern procurement method. It is anew religion, a passion, a mission for the Internet community. Evidence for this new cult movement is aplenty. Go to any webster’s party and will hear nothing but secure transactions, online catalogues and logistics of delivery …[ read more ]

  • Posted Apr 29, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on If we put pressure on retailers, service providers and government, we may join the online efficiency paradise this side of the 21st century
  • Independent

Have you ever tried to contest a planning permission? Well, I have. Approximately 97 hours later, after filling in countless forms in triplicate, and attending eight meetings in my local council office held during totally inconvenient office hours, I managed to stop my neighbour from building an ugly shed in our back garden.Now fast forward …[ read more ]

  • Posted Apr 1, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on The Tories’ online presence only embodies the problems they experience in their offline existence
  • Independent

Have you ever tried to persuade people online to change their mind on any issue? Newsgroups users will know well the ruthless, critical eye of the online community. Any attempt at propaganda without a solid factual base for your argument will be met with a ‘flame’ going your way faster than you can say’ election …[ read more ]

  • Posted Mar 30, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on I’d like to teach the world to dance
  • Cyberia Cafe

How can music played in London have them grooving in Peru? asks Cayte Williams logs on to Gaia Live, the cyber-club that has opened a dancefloor on the Internet You’d think only the worst techno-geek would turn their back on a heaving dancefloor to tap into a computer, but now the most hardened clubber is …[ read more ]

  • Posted Mar 18, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Changing the delivery platform from PC to TV will take more than just broad casting the Web into your sitting-room
  • Independent

Imagine surfing the Web while lying on your sofa, sipping Martini in front of the TV set. Hallelujah, I thought to myself, when on a recent visit to America I stumbled across Web TV. Otherwise known as the ‘Mouse Potato’s Delight’, Web TV delivers Internet access using your humble TV monitor. It was brought to …[ read more ]

  • Posted Mar 4, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on Women who go to the trouble to get connected, learn the skills and get the necessary gear don’t do just to talk lipstick
  • Independent

OK, I confess– I too was a technophobe. Many years ago, I was asked what kind of computer I owned. The answer was, ‘Hmm, a small, beige, rounded one, I think.’I meant, of course, a Commodore 64, then at the bleeding edge of home computing technology. My geeky boyfriend who bore witness to my blasphemy …[ read more ]

  • Posted Feb 18, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on The war of the Web sites must make use of smart information management
  • Independent

There has been a lot of talk recently about the failure of the World Wide Web as an advertising medium. Even the best known sites, such as Time Warne’s Pathfinder, are not generating ad revenue. Advertisers perceive that online ads do not receive returns on investment equal to those of other media, and banner ads …[ read more ]

January 31st, 1997
A PC and a pot of coffee

  • Posted Jan 31, 1997
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on A PC and a pot of coffee
  • Cyberia Cafe

You’re away from your PC, but you’ve to surf the Net. Fine, come in and have lunch while you’re at it. Eva Pascoe, co-founder of cybercaf Cyberia, is a difficult person to pin down. One month she’s off supervising the opening of a Cyberia site in Rotterdam; another, she’s in the Far East, negotiating a …[ read more ]

  • Posted Apr 30, 1996
  • Written by Eva Pascoe
  • Comments Off on All about Eva’s cafe society
  • Other Press

It’s along way from Communist Poland to the cyberspace world of Internet cafes, but Eva Pascoe made the link – and a fortune on the way. By Ruth Picardie Last Thursday, Eva Pascoe hopped out of her bed – one of the few pieces of furniture in her grimly urban loft space on the edges …[ read more ]

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